I canvass all the time throughout the year, but around election time, we start to do larger canvasses. Most of my friends are working full-time and can only get time off to come out during elections. Ife and Tony Dimbo have been close friends of mine for over a decade and I'm extremely grateful for the time they've taken to canvass with me - we definitely have the most fun canvass ever 🙂
If you want to come along, feel free to get in touch.
Believe it or not, canvassing is actually one of the most rewarding parts of being in politics as you get to meet so many people and also help with difficulties people may be having. I've met some of my best friends while canvassing.
Since I canvass continuously - just in general, or for specific causes like on BusConnects submissions or for Repeal the 8th - I'm pretty sure I know every road, speed ramp, broken sign and disputed tree in the area. So if I am elected, I have a huge list of constituency issues to work through.
There are also some things that are more general concerns that come up again and again while canvassing, and instead of just posting photos of all the places I've been canvassing (I've been everywhere and I'm guessing most of you know what the road you live on looks like already), in the coming days I'm going to blog about the top ten issues that have come up while canvassing.